At Centurion Physical Therapy, you’ll find uncommon expertise, whole-hearted concern, and an interdisciplinary approach to both your health and wellness, with treatment plans that are as unique as your needs.

In our office, you will work with highly experienced professionals who are compassionate listeners and keen diagnosticians. Whether you come in for physical therapy, Pilates, personal training, or yoga, you’ll benefit from the collaboration of a devoted team who will treat you with respect, discretion, and kindness. And you’ll find all this in a vibrant mid-town facility with state-of-the-art equipment.

With You, We:

• Recognize the full person and the full body
• Dig beyond the pain to find its source
• Protect each person’s dignity and confidentiality
• Respect the time, ideas, and efforts of both clients and colleagues
• Behave ethically, responsibly, and accountably